A six-part guide on how to monitor and evaluate children’s participation in programmes, communities and in wider society

Booklet 1: Introduction provides an overview of children’s participation, how the toolkit was created and a brief guide to monitoring and evaluation.

Booklet 2: Measuring the creation of a participatory and respectful environment for children provides a framework and practical tools to measure children’s participation in their community and society.

Booklet 3: How to measure the scope, quality and outcomes of children’s participation provides a conceptual framework for children’s participation and introduces a series of benchmarks and tables to measure children’s participation.

Booklet 4: A 10-step guide to monitoring and evaluating children’s participation looks at involving children, young people and adults in the process. It includes guidance on identifying objectives and progress indicators, systematically collecting data, documenting activities and analysing findings.

Booklet 5: Tools for monitoring and evaluating children’s participation provides a range of tools that you can use with children and young people, as well as other stakeholders.

Booklet 6: Children and young people’s experiences, advice and recommendations has been produced by young people who were involved in piloting the toolkit. It consists of two separate guides: one for adults and a guide for children and young people.


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Courtesy: Save the Children - UK

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