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My next campaign is for neighbourhood parliaments says Anna Hazare.

Speaking at the end of six-hour long presentation and demonstration on neighbourhood parliaments and sociocratic elections and sociocratic decision-making, the national icon of struggle against corruption, Anna Hazare said his next campaign after this present one for Lokpal (people’s court) against corruption would be for neighbourhood parliaments and their multi-tier federations.

I have been thinking about the need for such structures for quite a long time.


The session at Raleghaon Siddhi in Maharashtra, native village of Anna Hazare, which won national attention as in early 1990s on account of his pioneering efforts to make the village sustainable, was at the initiative of Guruji Rishi Prabhakar of Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) of Karnataka.

Edwin M John, Director, Neighbourhood Community Network, conducted the demonstration sessions on sociocratic elections and sociocratic decision-making. Mr. Joseph Rathinam, Editor of Kulandaigal Paralumantram (Children Parliament) was the co-presenter.

The session at Raleghaon Siddhi is followed by a similar presentation and demonstration for a few other members of Team Anna in New Delhi. Swami Agnivesh, Kijrivel and others readily agreed to the participants of a demonstration session on sociocratic elections.

Sociocracy is an option to make democracy more democratic than what it is today. But sociocratic decision-making is not based on the majority will, nor on consensus, but on consent of everybody involved, in small circles which are double-linked.

Sociocratic elections are totally open where no secrecy, no candidature and no campaigning are allowed.

The movement for multi-tier global federations of neighbourhood parliaments integrates the sociocratic principles.

Members of Anna Hazare team expressed interest in visiting pilot experiences in this regard to have a better grasp of the movement.