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You talked of Kerala and Tamilnadu. Do the other states in India have Children’s Parliaments?

The efforts of NCN have begun to bear fruit. A gradual and steady progress is seen in twenty five other states to organize Neighbourhood Parliaments of Children. Promoting structures and formation programmes are being organized.

In some states, the government itself gives the lead. For instance, Children’s Parliament was inaugurated in West Bengal by the Governor on February 14, 2002. Also in Karnataka State, a children’s parliament was held on March 22, 2007. It was represented by 120 children from 12 districts. Again, Children’s Parliaments at panchayat level called Children’s Gram Sabha are made mandatory for all the panchayats in Karnataka state. Likewise, in Utter Pradesh the first Children’s Parliament was held in the State Assembly on November 20, 2008, in which 200 children took part. In Bihar too the Education Department of the State is giving a push to the concept of Children’s Parliaments.

Our wish is that that they too begin at the base from the territorially organised neig neighbourhood parliament of children and get federated at various levels so as to give children an ongoing participation in governance.

  • Has the idea of Neighbourhood Parliament of Children traveled to other countries?

    Malawi, an East African country, sent an official delegation to NCN National Office to get trained in the concept and movement of children’s Parliaments. Beginnings are made in Tanzania too.

    Edwin M. John the Director of NCN and Dr. Mercy Palatty, a professor in a college in Nagercoil were invited to speak to United Nations Organization about the concept and movement of Neighbourhood Parliament Children. The delegates took keen interest.

    Various multinational Funding Agencies show much interest in promoting the concept of Neighbourhood Parliaments of Children.

    Children’s Parliament is a fast spreading concept today with initiatives in many countries. But we warn they are not all neighbourhood based, territorially organised children’s parliaments which alone can give an ongoing governance voice to children and which alone when federated can bring the world into the hands of children.

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