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What are the benefits of children’s Parliaments?

From the time of recorded history, children in all societies and tribes were taken for granted, treated as persons in potency and therefore they have been mere objects of teaching and training. In Neighbourhood Parliaments of Children, they assume their proper roles in society and take responsibilities including that of governance.

The children, customarily considered dependent on adults, will now be enabled to assume the role of care takers of their neighbourhood.

The children will take responsibility for their actions, life, growth and development.

The children who generally resent advices begin to learn from life by themselves and advice one another. They themselves begin to find solutions to their problems.

The children become self disciplined and self motivated on account of the influence of Neighbourhood Parliament of Children.

The children begin to gain self confidence conquering psychological complexes. Having handled opportunities to lead, they develop their personalities and enhance their leadership qualities.

The children find scope for life-oriented education, development of their talents, growth as regards maturity of emotions and mind.

The children have here citizenship training in practice.

The children get scope to interact with civil, social and religious structures and thus gain confidence to participate in governance at ever wider realms.

The mental horizon of children gets wider and wider as, starting from their neighbourhood and village, their involvements extend to panchayat, block and district and the state, and thereafter to national and international levels. This equips them to be harbingers of a new world order tomorrow.

Where do we find Children’s Parliaments functioning?

Neighbourhood Parliaments of Children were first initiated in Kanyakumari district of Tamilnadu. There are 35,000 neighbourhood children’s parliaments in Kerala. They are federated at village, panchayat, block, district and state levels.

In Kerala the State Children’s Parliament was conducted in 2006 in the Old Assembly Hall in Trivandrum. The State Assembly speaker himself co-chaired it along with the children’s speaker.

In Tamilnadu an NGO alliance is being led by Neighbourhood Community Network (NCN) in order to promote children’s parliaments in the state. The NGO alliance has a membership of around 400 NGOs.

A formation session of children’s state parliament lasting four days was organized at Manaiyerippatty, Thanjavur District. Another session was held in Puducherry for two days and another at Kovalam Kanyakumari district for two days.

The first swearing-in ceremony of the ministers of the State level Parliament of Children, i.e., the state federation of the neighbourhood parliaments  Tamilnadu State, India, took place in Chennai on 27-28 September 2008. A sitting Judge of the High Court of Madras was there to administer the oath of office.

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News Update

Children's Parliament of Aranvayil District received the Disha Young Acheiver's Award from The Ma Foi foundation

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Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) from Nigeria meets Youth and Children Parliaments in Tamilnadu and Kerala from March 1 to 13 , 2015

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Awareness on Global warming at ICM School, Kanyakumari on February 6, 2015

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Orientation on ICP in Kovalam

on January 30, 2015

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Environment cleaning at Colachel

on January 26, 2015

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State Level NCP training organized in ALC School project Thirukovilur


Orientation Program

in St. Joseph Higher Secondary School Nagercoil

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District Level Competition in Kottaram on Inclusive Education

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Formation of ICP in Palani

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Palani Swarna Lekshmi's interview in Sun TV

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Formation and election of Inclusive Children Parliament was held in Idhaya Women's College, Thiruvannamalai on 2nd & 3rd October ,2014

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Contact Information

Neighbourhood Community Network (NCN),

Montfort Social Institute (MSI)

Church Colony Road, Montfort Nagar, Church Colony, Uppal, Hyderabad, Telangana 500039, India.

Phone: +91 4652 278223
Mob: +91 94426 48224
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