Animator in Neighbourhood Parliaments of Children has a very important role as children need constant guidance and support. Animator takes steps to establish Neighbourhood Parliaments of Children according to the guidelines set down in this handbook and effectively guides their functioning, especially during the initial stage. Even after the ministers have assumed their responsibilities, the animators need to continue to be with them and support them. They are to do this as if from the backstage encouraging the children to be in the forefront.


    Who can be an animator?

    Any one who has concern for children and the larger society can function as an animator. However, the animator has to be an adult, i.e., over 18 years of age.


    What are the qualities expected in an Animator?

    • Concern and involvement in society’s activities Love for childrenAbility to understand children (their psychology and developmental problems) Leadership Ability to organize and coordinate eventsCreativity OpennessAbility to observeAbility to communicate the concept to children in simple words and with clarityReadiness and ability to conduct games, tell stories and to lead community singing
    • Willingness to spare time and participate in training programmes.


    What are the functions of the animator?

    • As far as possible, the animator must avoid air of superiority, but must be able to come down vto the children’s level and identify themselves with them. Must avoid acting like a teacher, but must be in the true sense an animator enabling children in their activities. Must participate in their discussions and activities without imposing his or her notions and opinions, but with a sense of friendship and solidarity with them. Must avoid advising and proposing. Rather the animator must raise questions which would make the children think, reflect and discover. The animators can provide information which the children do not have access to. In those rare events when children transgress their limits, the animator must call a halt, or redirect them. The most important thing to avoid is to introducing competitions among them and thereby making them competitive. Competitions have an inherent quality of setting one against another. Competitions also foster egocentric attitudes. There shall not be at any time, any competition between Children’s Neighbourhood Parliaments. What has to be fostered among children is cooperation and collaboration.
    • The mission of the animator is likened to the trainer who helps you ride a bicycle. The trainer does not ride. Rather the trainee is made to sit, to pedal and balance. The trainer can teach the techniques. Once the balance and confidence is gained, the trainer lets go of the bicycle


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