Children Participate – Adults shirk


The enthusiasm of children is proverbial. Inertia increases with age. Here is a story of child participation in spite of adult non-cooperation. The children parliament of Somarjupally (Singarayakonda Mandal in Prakasam District) is in session in the evening of 10-1-2012. The Prime minister is leading a discussion on the mosquito menace in the village. S. Amani, the health minister is saying that the Somarajupally village has many places with stagnant water where mosquitoes breed. The other members are in agreement. The children cannot study or sleep well because of the mosquitoes. How to get rid of the mosquitoes? The Prime Minister is asking for suggestions from members. The majority are suggesting that they appeal to the Panchayat to spray the cesspools with some mosquito repellant.

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Thenkuttaali -Dharmapuri district


Children had no playground in Government middle school of Thenkuttaali -Dharmapuri district.  Children's parliament of that locality identified the issue, discussed it  in their meeting and took it to the  school headmaster. Surprised by the initiatives of the  children the school administration supported the children and  engaged the matter with  Mrs Mageswari  Natarajan the ward member of that  area. Together they identified a plot of land in the front  portion of the  school but covered  with  thorns, thistles and bushes. Mrs Mageswari Natarajan made sure the shrubby ground was made ready  for  children to play and thus  a new  play ground for  children because of  the initiatives of   children's parliament. Hurray!!!

Women's and children's plight put to an end




Women's and children's plight put to an end

The plight of women and children walking long distance to fetch drinking water  in Thenkutaali invited the  attention of child parlimenterians of that  particular   neighbourhood .The children approached the Panchayat president and pressed up on him to take  earliest action. A bore well is dug and hand pump fixed to  solve the issue. Thanks to the initiatives of the parilmenterians!!






Panchayat President Mr. Vekatten fulfils  child parliamenterians’ request


The middle  school of Thonnakutta Alli lacked drinking water facilities for  its  students. Children had to walk a kilometre  far to have  a glass of water. Barathiar neighbourhood Parliament of that village decided to take initiatives to address this issue  faced by children, sought the help of Panchayat President  Mr.Venkettan who could not refuse to this pressing but kind request of children. The President made sure that  a water tank  and fresh drinking water facility is available in the school premises. Thanks to the the child parliamentarians and the Panchayat governance!!






Children light 12 street lights in Thonnakuttalli


Bharadhiar Neighbourhood Children's parliament took notice of Thennakuttaalli village in Dharmapuri district drooping in darkness for a long time. After discussion in the parliament they took the matter to the Panchayat president Mr. Venkettan. This initiative brought 12 new street lights in the village.






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