New dustbin placed in Kollapatti


 Sudandhiram (freedom) Children's parliament  has been continually placing requests for  a library, dustbin and  cemented sewage water canal for their village- Kollampatty-Krishnagiri. The parliamenterians met the  panchayat  memberrs in Grama Sabha meeting and  kept on insisting the grant of their requests. They have so far succeeded in getting a village dust bin. Also the children's parliaments of that  village  have been actively advocating for  growing more trees and  to arrest  falling of  trees. 25  saplings have  been planted on the road sides so far  by the  efforts of  local  children's parliaments.


Women's and children's plight put to an end




Village health worker’s visit ensured

Village health worker  has been found   absent for  a long  time  in Thukkiampalliyam village, Vazhapaadi block of Salem  district. Neighbourhood parliaments of that  locality  took notice of this,discussed it in  their meetings and took the matter to Grama Sabha  meeting of the village.The Panchayat president took action on this and the  village  health worker is regular  to her duties these  days. Thanks to Mallikai neighbourhood parliaments.






Integrated toilet for women and children


Women and children had to use open toilets in Mutthampatty village of Vazhapady block in Salem. Children's parliaments of that village decided to do all the possible to ensure   privacy to women and children of the village. Mullai neighbourhood parliament took the lead in this issue. The parliamenterians brought the issue to the notice of Panchyat  administration. The Panchayat now has built integrated toilet for women and children.”We   want to do all that we can for the benefit of the society” ,says  the members of Mullai parliament.





Children's parliament rescue child labour


Vadivelu of Pennageram block in Dharmapuri district had to discontinue from his   8th standard at school and take up on menial jobs due to various circumstances.Children’s parliament of that locality found this and met Vadivelu's parents requesting them to put the boy again in school. Unyielding parents turned deaf years to therequests of parliamenterians. At this the parliementerians decided to take the matter to the next step. On the occasion of Children's day rally the parlimenterians surrounded the house of  Vadivelu  and shouted  slogans  against practice of child labour. This invited the intervention of village elders and finally Vadivelu's parentshad to ensure that  the boy atends  his  class and  write exams. The parliamenterians rescued Govindaraj too who was a child labour  but with  the cooperation ofparents.


National neighbourhood children’s parliament of  Vazapadi(Salem district) identified  two boys- of their village as school drop outs. Taking up the issuetheyapproached the parents of the boys  with the help of elders. After a few round of discussions with the parents and the boys they successfully convinced them the importance of education. As a result the boys- Ajith and Sudhakar are back to the school.


Sudhakar and Ajith are in 6th standard of government school (Aarasu palankudiinar undu uraivida palli) in Vellicountanoor- Salem district. Similarly Kaarthy ofChekkidipatty-Betthanayaka palayam block was also re-enrolled in school. It is should noted here that Neighbourhood Children's Parliaments have been instrumental in rescuing many child labourers in Dharmapuri,Krishnagiri and  Salem districts.



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