Koothapaady now stands quenched!


Residents of Koothapadi village of Krishnagiri district suffered water shortage due to a faulty  water motor  of the Panchayat  left  unrepaired. Jansi Rani  parliamentarian of the locality, taking notice of the plight of the residents appealed  to the Panchayat leader Mrs. Malika on this. Motor repaired, residents of the village are on appreciation of the parlimenterians!





Women's and children's plight put to an end




A clean school environment

Students of both Government Primary and Middle School of Nallampatty village had been littering the school premises since the school did not have dust  bin and water  facility in the  school toilet. Children's parliaments of the area appealed Mr. Shanmugam- the Panchayat president in the Grama Sabha meeting stressing a clean school environment. Now the school has a dustbin and water facility in the school.






Koothapaady get road side dustbins


Joint efforts of Jansi Rani, Kodi Katha Kumaran and Gandhi Addikal children's parliament of Koothapaady village(Krishnagiri) fetched  15  dustbins from the Panchayat Thanks to Panchayat president  Mrs Mallika Ravi.









Children bring cemented  street roads


Kamanthotty village  of Soolagiri block in Krishnagiri  district had its untarred  street path ways causing difficult  transportation both for  vehicles and people. .The local Panchayat governance, upon the  requests of local children's parliament, under the  direction of  Panchayat President  Mr. V Chandra Sekar, has laid cemented street roads.






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